Frequently Asked Questions

Our installation team will guide you through the pre-installation steps during the consultation. Generally, clear access to the installation area and adherence to any specific guidelines provided are essential for a smooth installation process.

Tzakotehniki distinguishes itself through a commitment to quality, personalized service, and a diverse range of fireplaces that cater to various design preferences and heating needs.

Tzakotehniki fireplaces stand out for their seamless blend of Cypriot craftsmanship and modern technology, offering a unique combination of warmth, elegance, and innovation.

Ventilation requirements vary by model. Our professional installers will assess your space and provide guidance on the appropriate ventilation setup to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Yes, we are committed to sustainability. Our fireplaces incorporate energy-efficient technologies, and we actively explore eco-friendly practices in our business operations.

Frequent professional maintenance is recommended to ensure your fireplace continues to operate efficiently. Contact our service team to schedule routine maintenance appointments.

No, appointments are not necessary; walk-ins are warmly welcomed. Feel free to explore our showroom at your convenience during regular business hours. While appointments guarantee personalized attention, you are encouraged to drop by spontaneously.

Tzakotehniki has been dedicated to the art of fireplaces for more than 40 years, combining years of expertise with a passion for creating exceptional heating solutions.

Installation times vary based on the type of fireplace and complexity. Our team will provide a detailed timeline during the consultation and installation planning stages.

Tzakotehniki electric fireplaces are designed for efficient heating. While the heat output varies by model, many of our electric fireplaces provide a comparable level of warmth to traditional heating methods.