3D Insert 133

Project Description

The electric fireplace 3D Insert 93 is the most advanced built-in electric stove with a 3-sided glass surface, featuring an impressive three-dimensional flame, atmospheric LED lighting with multiple options, and instant heating whenever needed. It is designed to be inserted into a construction with the option of 1, 2, or 3 views (insert, corner, or panoramic). It includes unique resin logs, ash, and charcoal for a realistic depiction even when the device is closed. Combining cutting-edge technologies with WiFi connectivity, control through a mobile application (for both IOS & Android smartphones), multiple lighting options, and adjustment features for 2 flame types, a hearth base effect, burning sound effects, and additional perimeter RGB LED lighting. The heating function comes with a precision electronic thermostat, digital temperature indicators, open window detection, adaptive startup, safety features, and a timer. With the final installation of the “3D Insert” series, the result will be unique and minimal, showcasing only the large clean hearth with logs and the glass facade.

Detailed Description

  • The “3D Insert 133” is an electric fireplace with a large clean hearth designed for built-in installation in a construction (e.g., drywall).
  • It can be inserted with 3 glass facade options (insert, corner, and panoramic) or even freely mounted on the wall.
  • Overall dimensions: 132.8 cm x 49.5 cm x 21 cm (Length x Height x Depth).
  • The package includes separate resin logs, ash, and charcoal.
  • Features 3D visual effects technology and realistic motion with 2 virtual flames.
  • The flame’s visual effect operates independently of the heating using LED technology.
  • The heating function has 2 levels with a power of 0.75KW or 1.5KW (coverage up to 25 sq.m.).
  • Temperature is adjustable with an electronic thermostat from 7 – 35°C (digitally).
  • Includes a remote control for adjusting the desired temperature, color of the 2 flames, color of the hearth base, brightness intensity, intensity of burning wood sound effects, operation timer, and extra perimeter hidden RGB lighting.
  • Ability for WiFi connection and full control of functions with a mobile phone throughout the house. The process is easy by downloading the TUYA SMART APP (for IOS & Android smartphones) and adding the device (instructions provided in Greek).
  • Energy-saving technology with adaptive heating startup.
  • Energy-saving technology with open window detection.
  • Electronic thermal safety shutdown (E.S) for overheating protection.
  • Adjustable option of 9 LED flame colors.
  • Adjustable option of 9 LED hearth colors (base with logs).
  • Adjustable intensity in 5 levels of brightness for the flame and the hearth separately.
  • Real fireplace wood burning sound with 2 options and 5 levels of intensity separately.
  • Single-phase power supply 220-240V, 50Hz with cable and plug.
  • The model complies with the EU Ecodesign energy efficiency directive LOT 20.