Project Description

This minimalist style electric fireplace heats up the space while the virtual flame, Optiflame technology and realistic logs with internal lighting create a feeling of warmth, similar to that of a traditional fireplace.

The discreet appearance and clean lines highlight the atmospheric lighting that fills the space. It features a system for adjusting the visual effects and adapting the heating function with a digital thermostat.

Detailed Description

  • Features Optiflame┬« flame effect technology for realistic three-dimensional flame representation.
  • Features imitation of logs on a metal grate (inside the logs there are flickering LED lights that give a true burning wood sensation).
  • Features a large viewing opening of the flame with safety glass.
  • The heating function has a power of 1.4kW.
  • The exclusive function of the virtual flame, which is implemented with LED bulbs, is independent of the heating function and has a consumption of 7W.
  • At the top of the device, there is a discreet “Touch” touch screen for operating all functions.
  • The settings of the various functions (room temperature, heating, etc.) are displayed digitally on the screen for a few seconds when there is user intervention.
  • The temperature is adjustable with a thermostat from 17 – 26┬░C (digital and manual).
  • Features a digital thermostat for easily adjusting the provided heating with greater accuracy.
  • Features a multi-function remote control for controlling the heating function (temperature) and flame effect (lighting selection, brightness, speed) from a distance, with the ability to set a timer for deactivation.
  • Adjustable selection of 3 LED colors for the virtual flame (natural, red, blue).
  • Adjustable selection of flame speed between 3 levels (minimum, medium, maximum).
  • Adjustable intensity in 3 levels of flame and focal brightness.
  • Features an automatic shut-off timer for the device (from 0.5 to 8 hours).
  • Energy-saving technology with adaptive heating start-up mode.
  • With electronic thermal safety shutdown (E.S) from overheating (e.g. when covered).