Cassette 1000R

Project Description

The Cassette 1000 R is an insert electric fireplace designed for installation in indoor spaces, eliminating the need for a chimney or the use of flammable materials. It utilizes the patented Optimyst® 3D technology with water vapor for smoke effects. Combined with concealed LED lighting, the virtual three-dimensional flame is so realistic that it closely simulates a real fire, creating a warm and atmospheric illumination in your space. This electric appliance is completely safe, requiring only occasional water reservoir refills to operate the flame effect for up to 10 hours. Additionally, with the addition of the wood accessory (Logset) featuring internal LED lighting, you can give your space a more realistic and classic touch. The fireplace comes with a multifunctional remote control and does not include a heating function.

Detailed Description:

  • The Cassette 1000 R is suitable for insert installations in custom designs with unrestricted installation flexibility, providing a 4-sided view of the flame effect.
  • Overall Dimensions: 101.7 x 30.5 x 23 cm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Features Optimyst® flame effect technology for a realistic portrayal of burning flames and smoke.
  • Can be combined with decorative elements such as wood (with the additional Logset accessory and internal LED lighting) or stones/crystals for more modern applications.
  • LED bulbs are used for lighting effects, ensuring low power consumption.
  • For the smoke effect, simply fill the water reservoir and enjoy approximately 10 hours of continuous operation of the three-dimensional virtual flame.
  • Adjustable flame height feature.
  • Sound system reproduces authentic fireplace sounds, offering a more immersive experience (adjustable intensity).
  • Comes with a remote control for convenient remote operation and can control up to 6 devices.
  • No heating function.