Project Description


Wood stove N.2 belongs in energy class “A”. It is an easy and economical solution to heat your home or cottage. Its installation is simple and low cost, as is its maintenance. You can even use wood briquettes.
It consists of the combustion chamber, the ash collection container at the bottom, and the chimney. It is placed in any space at a certain distance from the wall, in order to properly install the chimney. As a general rule, the better the space is ventilated, the more efficient and safe the stove will be.

It is made of steel, which means it is durable and heats up very quickly. However, the heat it accumulates is lost just as quickly after the fire is extinguished.
It is suitable for heating a space approximately from 41 to 60sqm.

Its performance level (77.4%) is the percentage of the fuel that is converted into useful heat. As the performance level increases, the stove becomes better, as heat losses are reduced.

Instructions for proper use of the wood stove:

– Use dry wood, at least 2 years old
– Initially, place a small amount of wood and gradually increase it.
– Clean the surfaces if the wood stove is frozen.
– Clean the glass when it is cold.
– Dry (up to 20% humidity) and dense (olive, oak, fir, beech) woods are much more efficient in burning.

Specifications & Dimensions:

Total Power11kW
Water Consumption4.74kg/h
Chimney diameter150mm