Volcano P8053 Cassette

Project Description


Cast iron energy fireplace Wood Π8053 from manufacturer Volcano. Cast iron is characterized as the most suitable material for heating devices due to its good thermal conductivity and high heat resistance.

It is a closed type fireplace, which seals tightly from all sides. This results in a significant reduction in heat loss when burning Wood, thus heating the space more efficiently compared to a traditional open fireplace.
It is an insert, meaning it is designed to fit inside the opening of a traditional fireplace, to convert it into an energy fireplace. It has a fan for faster distribution of warm air in the space. Finally, it is suitable to cover the heating needs of a space of approximately up to 72 square meters.

Performance and Dimensions

  • Total Power: 12kW
  • Performance Level: 75%
  • Water Consumption: 5.33kg/h
  • Height: 530mm
  • Width: 800mm
  • Depth: 500mm