Warm W 80 BD Boiler

Project Description

Energy-efficient fireplace 80 CORNER with 3 chambers

  • Code: 80-CORNER
  • High Thermal Efficiency, Opening & Sliding Door,
  • One perimeter chamber, Two internal chambers
  • With adjustable air & safety lock.
  • Steel construction with cast iron lining
  • Ceramic glass 750°C, secondary combustion and air curtain,
  • Chimney diameter 250Φ.
  • Weight 200kg.
  • Available in Left and Right window.
  • Nominal thermal power: 14.94kw,
  • Efficiency: 71.47%.

External dimensions:
Height: 128cm
Length: 75cm
Depth: 54cm

Internal dimensions:
Length: 65cm
Depth: 44cm