Engine 56-600

Project Description

The Engine 56-600 is one of the most impressive built-in electric fireplaces by Dimplex, designed for installation in indoor spaces without the need for a chimney or the use of flammable materials. It incorporates the patented Optimyst® 3D technology with water vapor for smoke effects. Combined with concealed LED lighting and wooden elements, the virtual three-dimensional flame is incredibly realistic, resembling an authentic fire, providing warm and atmospheric illumination in your space. This electric appliance is entirely safe, requiring only a water reservoir refill for up to 10 hours of flame effect operation. The Engine 56-600 electric fireplace can be installed in drywall or integrated into other cladding. It is available as a standalone unit (with a metal back – cast iron) or with the additional accessory of faux bricks. It features heating capabilities and comes with a remote control for convenient remote operation.

Detailed Description:

  • The Engine 56-600 is an electric fireplace suitable for installation in custom-built wall constructions.
  • Overall Dimensions: 65 x 70 x 25.5 cm (Width x Height x Depth)
  • Features Optimyst® flame effect technology for a realistic portrayal of burning flames and smoke.
  • The rear wall is available in black color – cast iron (Engine 56-600) or clad to resemble faux bricks (Engine 56-600B).
  • Includes imitation logs (the interior of the logs has halogen bulbs that flicker, providing a genuine burning wood sensation).
  • For the smoke effect, simply fill the water reservoir and enjoy approximately 10 hours of continuous operation of the three-dimensional virtual flame.
  • Heating function with 2 levels and a power output of 1 kW and 2 kW.
  • Heating operation is adjustable via a thermostat.
  • Weekly operating schedules can be programmed.
  • Adjustable flame height feature.
  • Comes with a remote control for convenient remote operation.