3D Achileas Stand

Project Description

The Achileas Stand is a modern electric fireplace with MDF cladding and the advanced 3D Insert 93 electric stove. It features unique resin logs, ash, and charcoal for a realistic representation, even when the device is not in use. The fireplace combines cutting-edge technologies with Wi-Fi connectivity, manual control, and a mobile application (for smartphone IOS & Android), offering multiple lighting options and adjustments for two flame types, a hearth at the bottom, sound effects of burning, and additional perimeter LED RGB lighting. The heating function includes a precision electronic thermostat, digital temperature indicators, open window detection, adaptive startup, safety features, and a timer.


  • The Achileas Stand is made of white lacquered MDF cladding and an electric stove.
  • Modern technology provides a realistic 3D flame representation, and the integrated multicolored lighting adjusts according to your space’s mood, taste, and aesthetics.
  • Imitates wood (inside the logs, there are LED bulbs that flicker, providing a genuine burning wood sensation).
  • Each model can be positioned to observe virtual flame effects from one, two, or three sides of the fireplace.
  • Features a system that reproduces real fire sounds for a more immersive experience.
  • The heating function has a power of 1 & 2 kW.
  • The exclusive virtual flame function, implemented with LED bulbs, operates independently of the heating function.
  • The electric stove comes with a thermostat and remote control, while the smart control unit’s functions regulate heating and lighting for energy efficiency.
  • Overall dimensions: 110 cm x 79.5 cm x 25 cm (Length x Height x Depth)