Project Description


With a unique design and impressive virtual flame, the Iris wall-mounted electric fireplace from the premium series, named Iris, provides warmth and aesthetics to any space. Easily placed on any wall, it offers a clean solution without chimneys and flammable materials. The realistic depiction of 3D flames, LED technology with 13 lighting variations, and decoration options with ceramic logs, pebbles, and crystals clearly create a unique atmosphere. It features heating functionality and an advanced LCD remote control with multiple indicators such as temperature, thermostat, weekly schedules, lighting options, and color changes for the flame effect, allowing year-round operation!

  • The “Iris” model features a white MDF (lacquer) wooden casing and an electric fireplace.
  • Overall dimensions: 110 x 57.3 x 25 cm (Length x Height x Depth).
  • The electric fireplace has a 3-sided view for a better visual effect, and the package includes additional crystals, white pebbles, and ceramic logs for decoration.
  • Utilizes 3D visual effects technology and realistic flame movement, with the flame effect operating independently of heating through LED technology.
  • Heating function with 2 power levels: 1KW or 2KW, covering up to 30 sq.m. Adjustable temperature with a thermostat ranging from 7 – 30°C (digital and manual).
  • Includes a digital remote control with an LCD screen, indicating temperature, thermostat, date, operation/heating schedules, flame effect settings, fireplace color options, brightness intensity selection, and battery indication.
  • Capability for daily programming to start and stop the virtual flame or heating.
  • Energy-saving technology with adaptive mode for heating startup and open window detection for energy conservation.
  • Electronic thermal safety shutdown (E.S) to prevent overheating.
  • Adjustable flame with 3 LED colors.
  • Adjustable fireplace base with 13 LED colors (wood or crystal).
  • Adjustable ambient lighting with 13 LED colors (perimeter lighting).
  • Adjustable intensity in 5 brightness levels for the flame and fireplace separately.
  • Single-phase power supply 220-240V, 50Hz, with cable and plug.
  • Compliant with the EU’s LOT 20 directive for Ecodesign energy efficiency.
  • Weight: 33 Kg.