Project Description

With a unique design and an impressive virtual flame, the wall-mounted electric fireplace Iro (premium series) offers warmth and aesthetics to any space. It is wall-mounted with a milky glass front featuring decorative crystals and stone. The realistic depiction of the 3D flame, multiple functions, safety features, and the option for heating whenever desired make it a clear and economical solution for every home.

Detailed Description:

  • The “Iro” consists of an electric fireplace designed for placement on any wall.
  • Overall dimensions: 128 x 55 x 13.9 cm (Length x Height x Depth).
  • The “Iro” features a milky glass front with decorative crystals and stone, creating a virtual burning and flame effect.
  • Utilizes 3D optical effect technology with realistic flame movement.
  • Independent operation of the flame visual effect from the heating function using LED technology.
  • Heating function with 2 levels, providing 1KW or 2KW power (covers up to 30 sq. m).
  • Adjustable temperature with a thermostat ranging from 7 to 30°C (digital and manual controls).
  • Includes a digital remote control with an LCD screen, displaying temperature, thermostat settings, date, operation and heating program settings, flame effect adjustments, fireplace color options, brightness intensity selection, and battery status indication.
  • Capability for daily programming to start and stop the virtual flame or heating.
  • Energy-saving technology with adaptive mode for heating startup.
  • Energy-saving technology with open window detection.
  • Electronic thermal safety shutdown (E.S) to prevent overheating (e.g., when covered).
  • Adjustable option for 3 flame LED colors.
  • Adjustable option for 13 colors of LED lighting for the fireplace (rear illumination).
  • Adjustable intensity in 5 levels separately for flame and fireplace brightness.
  • Single-phase power supply 220-240V, 50Hz, with cable and plug.
  • The model complies with the EU’s LOT 20 directive for Ecodesign energy efficiency.
  • Weight: 27 Kg.